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High-Quality Thoughts

I recently made a list of high-quality thoughts that I want to practice.

I thought I'd share a few with you. I'll put how these thoughts make me feel in parenthesis. After all, isn't all we want in life to feel better?

I'll always know what to say. (calm)

I'll always know what to do. (calm)

I create value in the world. (inspired, excited)

My opinion is the most important opinion. (empowered)

I always have my own back. (grounded)

I always know what's best for me. (calm, empowered)

Everything in my life happens for me. (grateful)

I am always good enough. (at peace/calm)

These are some that I practice because they feel good. I like the results these thoughts will produce. So they are on flashcards. I'm taking responsibility for changing my thinking every single day.

Low-quality thoughts create low-quality results, and they just don't feel great.

Food for thought.

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