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You went into music because you love it, right?

But most of the time, this career path feels terrible. 


We are taught to criticize ourselves, not how to be confident in ourselves. 

There's a different way to go about this career...

And funny enough, it's not taught in music school...

I want you to imagine if you felt grounded in your skills and motivated to practice instead of dreading it.

How would that compound in a year?! 


"Before my sessions with Chelsea, it was a huge challenge for me to get into a headspace that allowed me to reach my fullest potential without major anxiety and stress. Working with Chelsea has allowed me to work on my craft with a sense of enjoyment, and really go for the projects and ideas that I want without the fear of constantly proving myself to others. I seriously cannot recommend Chelsea enough."

-- David Baker, Conductor 

You deserve to go through your career with confidence. 


You deserve to practice without it feeling terrible. 


You deserve to go into any rehearsal, performance, or audition feeling sure of yourself.


And that isn’t done through more practice time. 


It’s done by changing your mindset. 


All of this is 100% possible for you.

Start creating confidence in yourself in the next 30 days. 

✨If you identify at all with the words I wrote above, consider yourself personally invited to transform your relationship with your instrument in 30 days. 💌



We walk through ways you can coach yourself outside of sessions, and help yourself through your day-to-day practice and motivation. During sessions, we coach your subconscious mind and start to help you feel differently in any situation in which you’re feeling unmotivated or like an impostor.


You can change SO much in 30 days if you are dedicated to implementing these strategies. 

This program includes:

  • 3 one-on-one coaching sessions

  • Voxer access for all 30 days for questions and short-form coaching (I respond within 24 hours).

  • Concepts to apply to your practice immediately

  • Supplemental materials on dozens of coaching concepts for you to go through at your own pace! 

The Investment? $300

The results? Life-long tools to take with you throughout your career.

Tayor Rossi Headshot.jpeg

-Taylor Rossi, Musician and Photographer

"I started working with Chelsea a few months ago and it's one of the best decisions I could have made for my mental health and well-being. Over the past few years, I have struggled with anxiety and it's gotten to a point where it was greatly affecting my day-to-day. When I started working with Chelsea, she helped me not only manage my anxious thoughts, but reframe the expectations I had for what it truly means to be a confident person and live a full, human life. 


What I love most about working with Chelsea is that she always makes me feel seen and never judges me when I'm feeling upset or anxious. I highly recommend Chelsea especially if you're in a creative field or went to music school -- having a dedicated space to work out your anxiety, impostor syndrome, or stress is such a game changer because you can focus less on what other people think of you and more on bringing more joy into your life!"


Are you in? 

If you want to see if we would be a good fit before committing to the next 30 days, book a discovery call and we can chat to see if this program would be right for you! (they're totally free, no commitment necessary)


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