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I'm the coach for musicians who want to stop feeling inadequate and gain confidence in themselves and their careers.

Do you ever wish there was an end to those string of negative thoughts that happen just when you have hit a low point? 

Do you wish you had a better relationship with yourself or others?

Do you want to be able to just sit by yourself without distractions and without that critical voice in your head?


"Before my sessions with Chelsea, it was a huge challenge for me to get into a headspace that allowed me to reach my fullest potential without major anxiety and stress. Working with Chelsea has allowed me to work on my craft with a sense of enjoyment, and really go for the projects and ideas that I want without the fear of constantly proving myself to others. I seriously cannot recommend Chelsea enough."

-- David Baker, Conductor 

It can be really hard to convey the struggles of being a classical musician to people that haven’t been through it.

  • The stresses of auditioning/applying to jobs

  • Navigating negative feedback from teachers 

  • Living in an industry with a limited number of jobs 

  • Working SO hard and things don’t work

You don't have to go through these things alone. They are REALLY hard to handle sometimes, and it can be really nice to talk with someone who's as on board with your goals as you are. 

That's where I come in! Hey! I'm Chelsea, and not only am I a musician that has ALL the degrees, but I am also a life and mindset coach for musicians.


I know how hard it is to face dozens of rejections, harsh treatment from teachers, and trying to navigate a career that is SO uncertain. 

It's hard to know your own value in this industry but that's exactly what I help my clients do. I help them gain confidence in themselves and in their careers. 

It all starts in your mind.



I help my clients go from: 

  • Feeling Self-Critical to gaining self-compassion

  • Feeling insecure to having self-confidence

  • Feeling heavy self-doubt to having self-trust

Imagine how differently you'd show up for opportunities if you had this kind of transformation in your mindset. 

What if you had unconditional belief in yourself and your abilities?

What if you felt confident as you walked onto any stage? 

Take a second, imagine how you'd show up differently... 

Tayor Rossi Headshot.jpeg

-Taylor Rossi, Musician and Photographer

"I started working with Chelsea a few months ago and it's one of the best decisions I could have made for my mental health and well-being. Over the past few years, I have struggled with anxiety and it's gotten to a point where it was greatly affecting my day-to-day. When I started working with Chelsea, she helped me not only manage my anxious thoughts, but reframe the expectations I had for what it truly means to be a confident person and live a full, human life. 


What I love most about working with Chelsea is that she always makes me feel seen and never judges me when I'm feeling upset or anxious. I highly recommend Chelsea especially if you're in a creative field or went to music school -- having a dedicated space to work out your anxiety, impostor syndrome, or stress is such a game changer because you can focus less on what other people think of you and more on bringing more joy into your life!"

Are you ready to let go of insecurity and self-doubt?

Let's go.

Transform your mindset in 12 weeks with one-on-one mindset coaching sessions. 

It's 100% possible for you to walk into your next performance or audition with confidence, without being weighed down by self-doubt.

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Are you in? 

Book a free Discovery Call if you're ready for radical transformation!

We'll talk about where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

You. Me. 1 hour on Zoom.

I can't wait to help you change your life. 

Are you interested in booking a coaching session right away?

Click the link below for a one-time 90-minute session!

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