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Empowering students and helping them develop the tools they need to grow as musicians are at the heart of my process-based teaching approach. 

Empowering students and helping them develop the tools they need to grow as musicians are at the heart of my process-based teaching approach. 

I believe each student brings something uniquely valuable to the table, and it is my mission for them to find their voice through deep work and reflective practice. 

My amazing former students'

Taylor Picha, FBC Alum

"When I signed up, I was hoping I could learn how to have a more virtuosic, even technique on flute. I did not realize how much I would learn and improve in every aspect of my flute playing in addition to my technique! I now have a totally changed mindset when I practice, allowing myself to approach every challenge, with curiosity, as a learning experience. In addition, I learned how to make any passage truly musical that I may be practicing. This makes me feel so much more driven to practice- and ready to learn something new every time I pick up my flute! I have also gained a greater sense of self-confidence in regards to my flute playing, and my mindset while practicing and playing has been changed for the better."

Ashley Slapo, Crane School of Music

"I am so lucky to have studied with Dr. Tanner. Dr. Tanner genuinely cares about the well-being and success of all of her students. She is highly dedicated to her student’s growth and development. Her teaching style is tailored to each student’s individual goal. Her philosophies on performance practice, practice room self-talk, and practice strategies have greatly benefited me as a flutist. Dr. Tanner’s musical ideas have helped me refine my understanding of how to truly prepare an excerpt, etude, or piece for performance.
In addition, her teaching incorporates some of the most vital strategies for musicians: how to
cope with failure, rejection, and mental drama. This has changed the outlook I have on
practicing and performing! I feel much more motivated to practice now with the mindset
approach I have learned from her teaching."

Mia Kilker, Crane School of Music

"Chelsea Tanner has been one of the most empowering teachers in my life. She has completely transformed the way I think about music and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to study with her. Chelsea is incredibly easy to work with and is able to form her teaching in a way that is most advantageous to each individual student. I have grown so much as a musician during my short time studying with her, and I will forever be thankful to have experienced her passion and drive for teaching." 


Rachel Grobrugge, Crane School of Music

Trudi VanOmmeren, Crane School of Music

Nicole Hom, FBC Alum

"From day one, I was improving my awareness, and overall playing, thanks to the insight Chelsea had to offer. Chelsea was kind, explained every concept in detail, and always encouraged questions. I truly cannot say enough positive things about my experience during Flute Boot Camp."


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