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Working with the right teacher can change EVERYTHING...

I care deeply about the progress and growth of all my students. Growth looks different for each student. But what's my superpower? To recognize how each student can grow and expand their skills as a musician. I can diagnose and help students see what can be improved, concept by concept. I'm not one to "teach to the test."

Flute lessons are an opportunity for students to gain perspective and expand their way of thinking through a musical instrument. The skills, discipline, and awareness required to play the flute well are what I teach. The notes on the page are just vehicles for learning, teaching, expression, and communication.

I'm engaged and invested in each student. Teaching flute is absolutely my first love. I will do close to anything to ensure my students understand concepts and engage fully in the process of learning. I focus on the process (the system of learning) because that is what produces the student's result. Mere achievement can be a fluke (inconsistent). I meet each student where they are. Every student has value to create through the flute, this is what we explore in each lesson. 

Oh, and I ask a TON of questions! My lessons are not quick fixes. There's a depth to my approach that exceeds playing the correct notes and rhythms. I challenge my students to gain understanding - not achievement. Through understanding and awareness, the achievement is produced. 

My years of reflection paired with true awareness has allowed me to cultivate a rich teaching style centered around the process through which we learn - it is here where transformations happen. 

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Check out my Flute Fundamental Packets!

  • Double Tonguing

  • Tone Quality 

  • Vibrato

  • Technique

  • Phrasing & Musicality


About the fundamental packets:

“I am in awe of Dr. Tanner’s brilliance as an artist-mentor. Her deep character, intelligence, and humanity are demonstrated in all of her endeavors. These teaching gems are ingeniously crafted and will, surely, stand the test of time.”

Marianne Gedigian, Professor of Flute, The University of Texas at Austin

Combining Mindset Coaching and Flute

As a trained life coach, I have equipped myself with skills that have transformed my life and my confidence when it comes to playing and performing. I present lectures on practice room empowerment, how to manage your racing mind during performances, and how to cope with performance anxiety. If you're interested in getting help with any of these aspects, we may just be the perfect fit! 

If this is something you're interested in but not integrated with flute lessons, check out my online course ALL about this! It is called the Winning Mindset Academy.



"Chelsea Tanner has been one of the most empowering teachers in my life. She has completely transformed the way I think about music and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to study with her. Chelsea is incredibly easy to work with and is able to form her teaching in a way that is most advantageous to each individual student. I have grown so much as a musician during my short time studying with her, and I will forever be thankful to have experienced her passion and drive for teaching." 

—  Mia Kilker, Crane School of Music

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