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My name is Chelsea Tanner and I'm so glad you're here! 

I guess I should get this off my chest...

If you've read my blogs, posts, listen to my podcast, or watch my YouTube videos, you may think I have always known how to empower myself and help people to do the same. BUT that's not true AT ALL. 

I was SUPER shy (which surprises people I meet now) and my anxiety/negative self-talk used to run the show. As a classically trained flutist, my self-worth got totally tied up in my flute playing. My opinion of myself was dependent on how "successful" I happened to be at that given moment. 

Like many musicians and creative people (let's be honest, people in general!) I held the belief that I wasn't "good enough" for most of my career. But to be honest, I didn't even realize I held this belief until I found life coaching. That's when everything changed for me. 

I chased an endless string of auditions, competitions, or anything that would give me some kind of validation... Not to mention, the job and money scarcity in my mindset. This all came to a head when I was not invited to a live interview for the tenure track position I held then as a visiting professor. This was crushing for me. I had moved thousands of miles, poured my heart into my teaching, loved my students and my job, and I was just going to pack up and move again. 

I've never renewed a lease... I've been chasing flute jobs, graduate degrees, and music festivals around the country for the past decade. Change is my normal, uncertainty was my certainty. I didn't know what to do, where to go, or how to handle all of this UNTIL I found thought work. 


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Where I am now...

As you can see, I have moved any and anywhere chasing opportunities, and where have I landed? In my DREAM city, NYC! Why did I move here? Because I wanted to. Not for a job, not for school, for me.

Right now, I am the happiest I've ever been in my life, living in a city I LOVE. And all of that WITHOUT my "dream orchestra job" and without winning that prestigious competition. I have healed my relationship with food (you can read more about that here), created confidence for myself, and I'm truly grateful for every day. 

I'm a life coach, I'm a musician, but most of all I'm ME. I'm not my identities - I'm just a person who is fascinated with the PROCESS. The process of learning, growing, and evolving into the humans we've always wanted to be. 

My superpower is helping people empower themselves no matter the situation they may find themselves in.

Thought work is what I teach and coach people on in my life coaching business AND my flute teaching. I believe we can use ANY situation, personal, professional, or otherwise, to grow as humans. Flute is a vehicle for growth, as is weightloss, unemployment, dealing with a challenging relationship, or any other "less than ideal" circumstance.

This work has truly changed my whole life. I am so dedicated to my students' and clients' progress, process, and expansion. This is what shapes our lives, our ability to grow. 

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What did I learn?

 You don't need to change your circumstances to change your life. 


After over a decade of chasing elite accomplishments, developing ALL of the negative self-talk, working endlessly, and never letting an opportunity slip through my fingers, I ended up creating my own career.


Why? The work I've done to deal with such a competitive field became my passion. I was chasing the dream job, putting my happiness on the back burner, and I never landed the "dream job." -- Landing the job won't make you happy, you've got to learn how to do that yourself. Your circumstances don't change your brain, but your brain can change the way you see the circumstance. 

Interested in learning how to do that?! 

Some very important things to know about me.

I am very much addicted to the following:

Learning - I love learning new things... I'm endlessly curious and reading books in order to broaden my perspective of life in general.

COFFEE - I am addicted to coffee. I love the coffee shop life, and of course my cup of black coffee in the morning. 

PODCASTS!! - I really put these in reverse order, but I LOVE podcasts. It is one of my favorite storytelling mediums of any out there! (I even have my own now!)

Reading - My past self wouldn't believe I'm listing this, but I LOVE reading. I love non-fiction but will forever have Harry Potter on my nightstand. I struggled a lot to read and comprehend when I was a kid, which led to a lot of toxic beliefs about my intelligence. You can find that full story here ;)

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And for those of you looking for something a little more formal... 

Chelsea Tanner maintains an active career as an enthusiastic performer, teacher, and mindset coach. She has most recently served on the faculty as Visiting Assistant Professor of Flute at SUNY Potsdam’s Crane School of Music. In the Spring of 2020 Chelsea graduated with her Doctor of Musical Arts from The University of Texas at Austin. Chelsea has served on the faculty at Penn State University as Interim Instructor of Flute as well. She has also performed with orchestras such as the San Antonio Symphony, the Columbus Symphony, the Boise Philharmonic, the Akron Symphony, and the Binghamton Philharmonic. Chelsea held the position of Second Flute in the Central Texas Philharmonic from 2016-2019. Her career as a performer has led her to perform in festivals such as the Aspen Music Festival, the National Repertory Orchestra, and the Round Top Festival Institute.

As the creator of two online courses for young musicians, Chelsea is dedicated to the growth and development of young musicians. Through her programs, Flute Boot Camp and the Winning Mindset Academy, she helps young people empower themselves through music and mindset work.

Chelsea has been active in competitions across the country.  She has been a finalist in the Flute Society of Greater Philadelphia Young Artist Competition, the Mid-Atlantic Flute Society Young Artist Competition, the National Society of Arts and Letters National Woodwind Competition, and a quarterfinalist in the National Flute Association Young Artist Competition. She was the winner of the Central Ohio Flute Association Collegiate Competition, the Women in Music Scholarship Auditions, and the Ohio State University Concerto Competition.

Chelsea received her Artist Diploma from The University of Texas at Austin studying with Marianne Gedigian. She earned her Master of Music from Carnegie Mellon University studying with Jeanne Baxtresser, and her Bachelor of Music from The Ohio State University with Katherine Borst Jones.

Chelsea is an active member of the Emissary Quartet, a long-distance flute quartet dedicated to the development of flute quartet repertoire. (