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Let me know if any of this sounds familiar...

  • You are accomplished on paper but still don't feel confident in an audition? 

  • You feel insecure about where you are in your career, you feel like you should be further along?

  • There are days when you feel like you're not good enough, you feel inadequate.

This is exactly how I used to feel...

Whether you're a professional musician, still in music school, or just playing for fun, you have a unique perspective on the world. I know this because I have it too.

Anyone who's been through hours of practice, high-pressure performances, practice guilt, and a whole mess of perfectionist thoughts makes life hard to navigate. It's like a really specific (and sometimes not-so-great) club you join in music school. 

For me, this manifested in overwhelming thoughts of self-doubt, an inability to believe in myself, and a need to prove myself to the music world.

(and just between you and me, THIS IS A MISERABLE WAY TO LIVE...) 

Here's the good news... You don't have to accomplish more things, get more experience, or win more competitions in order to feel better. 

It is all about how you think, which is also great news! Because you can learn to manage your mind. This is where coaching comes in.  ​

Mindset coaching gives you the tools to manage those spinning thoughts of self-doubt on stage and off.


And how do I know so much about this? I used to be the queen of spinning thoughts. 

My self-doubt was holding me back way more than I realized. I had an amazing resume and no confidence. I had studied with big-name teachers and went to fancy summer festivals, but I had never felt more insecure. 

People kept telling me that I'd get comfortable with more experience, but that didn't seem to be the case. 

Maybe if I just did more and achieved more then I'd fill this void of inadequacy eating away at me (I thought)...


I tried this for so many years, but it wasn't until I learned about mindset coaching and thought work that my entire life turned around. 

I got all the degrees and checked all the boxes. But here's the thing, those boxes being checked don't automatically make you happy and fulfilled in your career. That part is all in your mind. 


  • Lack of confidence

  • Second-guessing yourself under pressure

  • Self-Sabotage (you may not even know you're doing this one...)

  • Practice Guilt

  • Unable to take a break for fear you'll be found out as lazy 

  • Perfectionism (you don't have to be perfect to be a perfectionist)

  • Comparing yourself to others

  • Putting yourself down to motivate yourself

  • Not talking about your profession with confidence 

  • Spinning thoughts/lack of mental clarity (especially on stage)

  • Not trusting your own opinions

  • Negative self-talk


If any of the statements above sound familiar, know that these things don't need to happen and there's a way to get out of this cycle.

Book a FREE one-on-one preliminary call and we can chat all about what is standing in your way from being confident in yourself and your playing. 

This could be the difference between having a fulfilling career and constantly feeling on edge because you don't think you're "doing enough." It's not just a quick fix. This is a life-long skill you can take with you in every aspect of your life. 

"It is so personalized and I truly believe there is something to gain from coaching for everyone. I was shocked how much I learned and grew over a month and feel like I have life-long tools to handle things better!"


This is what my amazing client Courtney had to say:

I believe so deeply that every musician can benefit from this work. The more confident musicians are in the world, the more we advocate for ourselves, and the more we value our own skills. This can change the world of classical music as we know it, but it is an inside job (in your mind).


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