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Chelsea Tanner, Mindset Coach

The Unclassical Musician Podcast 

Join us this week for our first conversation episode! Dr. Chelsea Tanner is a flutist and mindset coach. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Chelsea started two online Flute Bootcamp courses, launched her self-image coaching business, AND her very own podcast called Align Your Mind.


YouTube Interview

LIVE interview with Chelsea Tanner, Flutist & Mindset Coach

Orchestra Careers

Chelsea Tanner is a well-established teacher and mindset coach, impacting the lives of young aspiring flutists by promoting positive thoughts and empowering them to thrive.


Learn more about Chelsea at or follow her on Instagram @_chelseatanner this interview is with Sonja Thoms, Creator of Orchestra Careers, and Brianna Owens, Content Creator with Orchestra Careers

Featured article:

"Motivation Vs. Inspiration" in the Flute Specialists January 2021 Newsletter

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Featured article:
"Overcoming Perfectionism" in The Flute Examiner
February 25, 2021

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