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Are you looking to bring in a transformative speaker and mindset expert for your event or studio? 

Dr. Chelsea Tanner has spoken at events for college music students, businesses, podcasts, and flute festivals around the country. 

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A workshop devoted to self-talk in the practice room, and how to set yourself up for a lifetime of practicing FOR yourself. 

Pre-Practice Room daily exercises for your mind will be given out to better understand your relationship with practicing and your instrument. 

Learn to build a relationship with your instrument and your playing intentionally to create a more productive and positive environment. 


An interactive lecture devoted to the issue of performance anxiety.


Not just how to deal with the symptoms but how to get to the cause, and how to move forward. 

Tangible tools are offered to students and a new perspective is given to help students empower themselves for their next performance.

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Ever wonder what to do when your mind keeps spinning in a performance? 

This lecture is all about when you're on stage, and how to prepare for that in your practice room, and what to do in the moment.

This topic is aimed to help people play their best in performance. That all comes down to mindset. You've put in the hours, now it is time to reap the rewards!



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If you're a music teacher, your voice is in your students' minds. You are a powerful influence on them and they look to you as a role model. What a privilege! What an honor! We are so lucky to be teachers, and being able to understand the way our mindsets impact music lessons can create confidence in not only you but your students as well! 

Helping students empower themselves is one of the hidden gems we get to explore through the vehicle of teaching music. Leading students through challenging music, building skills, and helping them share those skills with others can be challenging and rewarding. 

We cover 5 concepts: 



Foundation of mindset work

Tangible tools to use to understand the mindset of yourself and your students.


Giving Feedback

How to incorporate mindset work into giving the most effective feedback in lessons. 


the WHY

Learn why questioning everything and finding the answer is the most effective path for you and your students.


How to empower students

Learn how to empower your students through thought work.


Teaching with a clear mind

Learn what I call "clean teaching" which allows you to teach ANY student most effectively.

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Filled with information, worksheet, reflection tools, and more! Everything you'll need for this class and to implement these tools in your teaching.


  • For highly motivated musicians (not just flutists!) who want to learn and understand more about themselves and their performance anxiety

  • Performers who are willing to journal, discover, and participate fully, digging into possibly uncharted territory in their self-awareness

  • Musicians invested in understanding and gaining control of their performance anxiety once and for all. (This is not a hack or a quick fix!)




  1. Become aware of what is fueling your anxiety 

  2. Gain a deep understanding of how your mindset works 

  3. The difference between adrenaline symptoms and anxiety 

  4. Design a mindset you want to have 

  5. How to implement the newly designed mindset

  6. Learn how your mindset will affect your physicality during performances

  7. Learn how to create points of focus so you know exactly how to get back on track 

  8. How to create confidence and practice these skills in your practice room 

  9. Get coached live in these classes and discuss issues that come up for you on stage or in the practice room

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Chelsea Tanner has presented these lectures at the following institutions: 

  • Fresno State University 

  • Arkansas State University

  • University of California Santa Barbara 

  • The University of Texas at Austin

  • Penn State University 

  • University of West Virginia

  • Northern Kentucky University 

  • New Jersey Flute Society 

  • The Ohio State University 

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