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How to Change Your Mindset With Your Phone

This is the MOST effective method I've found to change my mindset. It's free and very easy.

The first thing you have to know is, your mindset is based on how you interpret the world. When you are thinking a certain way, this is going to impact how you feel and act throughout your day. Soon, this way of thinking, if done consistently, becomes a habit.

Unfortunately, most of our thoughts and perceptions about the world are through the lens of problems. Our brains look for problems all the time. Why? It is wired to do this because it is wired for survival.

Survival. Your brain wants you to survive: goal #1. What isn’t your brain’s #1 goal? To thrive.

Our brains are wired to avoid pain, seek pleasure, and do that as efficiently as possible. To thrive, in most cases, means to delay gratification for a long-term goal. For this to happen and to rewire our brains for success, we need to be able to manage and handle all of the negativity our brain throws at us.

We all have moments where we doubt ourselves and our mind just isn’t in the place we want it to be. This self-doubt is once again a survival mechanism. If your brain can convince you to not put yourself out there, it thinks it’s helping you avoid emotional pain (which it sees as a survival threat). This is why it feels like you’re going to die when you try new things or walk on a stage.

But okay, how do we change this negative programming that is our default into neutral or positive thinking? How do we make that our thought habit? Through a concept, I call “equal airtime.”

You want to give equal airtime to the possibility of the positive. Your brain will do the negative automatically, no need to worry about that. One way to do this is by reminding yourself A LOT of different ways of thinking about things.

For example, I was coached recently on my mental

drama with my instrument (not the flute): the piccolo. For some reason, I have an old story that I’m not good at the piccolo. Now, if I keep practicing this thought that “I’m not good at it,” it will make me feel discouraged, and I’ll probably try to avoid this thing I’ve established I’m bad at, thus not getting any better.

Something I could think instead isn’t “I’m amazing at the piccolo,” because I don’t believe that right now. When I think that, it usually elicits a mental eye roll. No, I need a thought that I can believe. I came up with this: I’m figuring it out.

I’m figuring it out. This thought makes me curious, it makes me wonder what I’m going to figure out today. How many ways of practicing do I know that can help me figure this out?

Here’s where my phone comes in (I know, finally): I set this thought as my phone screen background. There are few things in the world that you look at more frequently than your phone screen. Americans check their phone on average around 96 times per day, roughly doing the math, that’s once every 10 minutes. (brain explosion emoji)

You don’t need to change your phone usage, this isn’t an article about that, but you can make it work for you. I love looking at my phone and reminding myself of what’s possible for me. I’m figuring it out. I believe this, and the more I think it, the more likely it is to happen.

So, what’s something in your life you don’t feel capable of doing? What is something you don’t feel is possible for you? Anything you’re struggling with?

“I’m figuring it out” is a great sentence, but I thought I’d offer some other thoughts that I have had as my phone background as well:

I’m always worthy, all the rest is fun. - When I was deprogramming my brain from believing that I had to achieve something to be worthy. When I think this, I feel light, like I can have fun and don’t have to take things too seriously.

I’m always good enough. - When I was developing the belief that I don’t need to prove myself, and good enough-ness is inherent to every human being.

Every sound is good enough. - Used before a recording session, to remember if I think I’m good enough overall, then everything that comes out of my instrument is good enough. Helped me to feel calm, grounded, and trust myself.

If anyone can do it, it’s me. - Used when putting myself out there in ways I haven’t seen other people do.

It’s done. - Used when setting goals to create a feeling of determination.

I’m just a human being trying things. - Used at times when I was putting myself out there in my business.

It takes as long as it takes. - Used in the practice room (a lot) and created patience.

These are suggestions that I believed when making them my home screen. How do you know if you believe something? It will create an emotion in your body. Useful emotions are ones like the ones listed above: calm, grounded, trusting, determined, accepted, neutral, etc.

I made all of these designs that you see in the picture on - Super easy and you can customize them to fit your favorite colors, fonts, etc.

This one practice may have changed my life more than any other. I’m not even joking a little bit. Try this! And if you want guidance on what thoughts may work for you and whatever issue you’re facing? Book a one-time one-on-one session with me! We can literally change the trajectory of your mindset in one hour. Click here to sign up!


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