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What if you're in the perfect place?

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Today’s realization:

To believe you can reach your goals, you have to believe you are in the perfect place right now.

Do you have a goal of winning an audition or preparing for an amazing recital? If you believe it is going to go well, you have to trust that you are in the absolute right place in your preparation in this moment.

You are going to be amazing so of course right now (regardless of circumstances) you are in exactly the right place.

Believing this is useful for a few reasons. It gets you out of a scarcity mindset of “it’s never going to be enough.” This kind of thinking is a trap. Thinking you should have practiced more will never do you any good. Five minutes is as over as ancient Rome, and you probably don’t lose sleep over that.

Thinking you don’t have enough time will only help in proving that thought correct.

Let’s run this through a thought model (invented/defined by Brooke Castillo)

Your circumstances (inherently neutral) are things we have thoughts about. These thoughts create feelings (vibrations in the body). These feelings drive our actions and our actions add up to create our results.

Circumstance: Audition

Thought: I don’t have enough time to prepare

Feeling: inadequate, upset, frustrated

Action: Don’t practice as much because you don’t think it will be worth it because you don’t have enough time.

Result: You don’t have enough time.

Alternatively, you could think:

Circumstance: Audition

Thought: I have the perfect amount of time to prepare

Feeling: Excited

Action: Practice without a second thought

Result: You have the perfect amount of time to prepare and have a much better result because you don’t feel rushed or upset.

Thinking there is “enough” rather than “not enough” when referring to anything always feels better. Some people may think this is delusional, but the way you talk to yourself about your time and resources matter. It shapes your beliefs in your abilities and in your life.

How do you act when you think you don’t have enough time? Do you jump into action excited to get started? Or do you tend to avoid the task because you think it will be stressful, thus giving you even less time to do said task?

Having enough or being enough is the concept of feeling abundant rather than scarce. What if you were in the perfect place in your life in order to achieve your goals? When you put yourself in the place of having reached your goals and you look back on how you got there, right now, you would be exactly in the right place in order to reach that goal.

It also feels great to think you’re in the absolutely most perfect place you could be to live the most amazing life you can think of. Okay, that sounded hokey… but why would you ever choose to think anything else?!


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