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You've found yourself here because you're serious about changing your relationship with food. 

What if freedom from food was not just possible, but inevitable for you? 

It is. 

I know because I've done this work for myself. 

No more urges to binge, no more drama about what to eat. 

How will this not only affect you but the people in your life if you do this work? 

This skill isn't just something that works for 12 weeks (unlike a diet). This works for a LIFETIME. 

This is the most important work I've ever done for myself. 

Give yourself the gift of freedom. Let's go.


  • A Custom program based on your goals and needs.

  • 12 Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with Chelsea Tanner, Certified Life and Weight Coach.

  • Accountability via 1:1 sessions, coaching on mindset, and get individual help processing emotions, talking through things that come up in your life, and extra tools to help implement your new life without emotional eating.

  • 12-Video Stop Emotional Eating Course (lifetime access).

  • Workbook pages for every video

  • Tools you can apply to your life FOREVER.

  • Body Image Workbook and support in individual sessions.

  • Daily Pages to plan and implement for stress-free eating.

  • A serious commitment to yourself and your future.


If you're not sure about coaching, or want to learn more and find out what it's like to work with Chelsea, schedule a complementary one-on-one session. Fill in your information below and you'll get a reply within 48 hours!

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"During my time with Chelsea, I really broke down my thought process surrounding my body. Saying my thoughts out loud really made me understand why several of my beliefs were totally ridiculous! I started truly believing that my body is not a problem, and if I separate my thoughts from it, I can stop negative feelings in their tracks. I ended up wearing things I wouldn’t normally feel comfortable wearing and allowing myself to be comfortable because it was for me. Always and forever I will say that my body is not a problem. I’ve now used this in almost all of my everyday issues. Especially going through this program as a musician, understanding that this takes practice made me much more patient with myself, and I came out with tools I will continue to implement into my life!"


"I really loved my program with Chelsea. I've dealt with body image issues all my life, and I've addressed it to many therapists and nutritionists but with no great improvements. Chelsea gave me a new perspective on how to deal with my urges and how to think about my body and food. I feel that I now have a healthier mindset and relationship with my body. She is a very empathic and professional coach, and I totally recommend working with her!"