A virtual weekend workshop to reset your mindset in performance. 

March 26-28, 2021

Do you struggle with performance anxiety?

Do you wish you could shut off that critical voice in your head that doesn't seem to stop in performance?

Do you wish you could deal with those physical symptoms of sweating and shaking but they just seem to get worse?

Do you feel so tense on stage that you can't seem to play like you know you can?


Imagine what it would feel like to walk out on stage and feel totally in control... What would it be like if you never had to worry about performance anxiety again, because you knew exactly how to handle it...

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Really put yourself in that mindset... 

How would you show up in your practice room if you knew performance anxiety wouldn't get in your way?

Would you be willing to put yourself out there more?

What would it feel like to finally showcase what you can really do?

Would all that work seem much more worthwhile?

Now instead of thinking about this as a possibility, think about this as an inevitability. 

This is where I come in... 

After a decade of teaching, four music degrees, dozens of auditions, professor jobs, and almost every experience you could imagine in the world of classical music, I decided to become trained as a mindset coach.



Because after all of that experience, I KNOW that mindset can make or break a performance... And having anxiety in performance and not knowing how to handle it is one of the worst feelings in the world. 

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Who this is for: 

  • Highly motivated musicians (not just flutists!) who want to learn and understand more about themselves and their performance anxiety

  • Performers who are willing to journal, discover, and participate fully, digging into possibly uncharted territory in their self-awareness

  • Musicians invested in understanding and gaining control of their performance anxiety once and for all. (This is not a hack or a quick fix!)

How you'll make this transformation:

  1. Become aware of what is fueling your anxiety 

  2. Gain a deep understanding of how your mindset works 

  3. The difference between adrenaline symptoms and anxiety 

  4. Design a mindset you want to have 

  5. How to implement the newly designed mindset

  6. Learn how your mindset will affect your physicality during performances

  7. Learn how to create points of focus so you know exactly how to get back on track 

  8. How to create confidence and practice these skills in your practice room 

  9. Get coached live in these classes and discuss issues that come up for you on stage or in the practice room

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Workshop Classes (3/26-28):

Friday Evening: 6 pm-8:30 pm EST

  • Welcome/Intro

  • Awareness and Discovery Exercises 

  • How your mindset works 

Saturday Morning: 10 am-Noon EST

  • Design your mindset

  • Practice strategies and Implementation 

  • Adrenaline vs. Anxiety 

Saturday Afternoon Coffee/Tea Chat: 2 pm-3 pm EST

  • Chat with each other about experiences and connect with participants from across the country.

Saturday Evening: 6 pm-8:30 pm EST

  • ​Set points of focus in performance

  • Create an actionable mindset plan for performances

  • How to self-coach in hard moments

Sunday: 4 pm-6 pm EST

  • 5-7 minute individual performance

  • Reflection/debrief 

  • Closing

I can't tell you how excited I am to connect with you and help sort out a mindset that may be holding you back and creating anxiety, this work is seriously life-changing! 


For this to be most effective I am asking everyone who signs up as a participant to follow the conditions below:

  • Participate in all Zoom calls with your camera on

  • Sit or stand in a comfortable space where you can do a lot of writing

  • Participate in all journaling and other exercises

  • Be willing and ready to share experiences 

  • Participate in a 5-7 minute performance on Sunday 3/28 as you implement this process


"I was lucky enough to have taken part in Chelsea’s mindset coaching while studying with her this year. Performance anxiety was one of my biggest struggles and was something I did not think I would be able to overcome. Through this mindset course, Chelsea was able to transform my anxiety into excitement for sharing the music I work so hard to create. I highly recommend this course for anyone who struggles with negative self-talk, whether that be in or out of the practice room."

—  Mia Kilker

Ready to sign up?

This class is limited to 10 spots in order to be most effective for students. Students will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. 

 One Time Payment $275 

  • Performance Anxiety Workbook 

  • 4 Mindset Classes

  • Mindset Awareness Exercises

  • Ideal Mindset Plan 

  • Implementation Process

  • Live Group Coaching 

  • Opportunity to meet musicians around the country

  • A path to finally controlling performance anxiety

  • Save 10%! 

 Payment Plan $49/mo 

 for 6 months 

  • Performance Anxiety Workbook 

  • Mindset Awareness Exercises

  • Ideal Mindset Plan 

  • Implementation Process

  • Live Group Coaching 

  • Opportunity to meet musicians around the country

  • A path to finally controlling performance anxiety 


Q: Are there opportunities to audit? 

A: No, unfortunately, there will not be opportunities to audit these classes. I want to create a safe space among participants so they are free to share experiences in these classes.

Q: Do we have to be at all the classes?

A: Yes, no exceptions to this. To get the full experience it is essential to be at all classes with your camera on. 

Q: I can't make this one, will there be others?

A: Yes! I will be hosting other performance anxiety workshop weekends throughout the year, the next one will likely be in the summer or fall. 

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