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with Dr. Chelsea Tanner

June 20-24, 2022



A 5-Day Virtual Flute Intensive for Collegiate Level and Advanced High School Students

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—  Michael Hung, FBC Alum

"I gained a whole new mindset for practicing and performing. I also learned so many new concepts and ways to approach certain aspects of flute playing. It's definitely a great experience if you want to dive deeper into these aspects of flute playing with an amazing teacher!"

Why fundamentals?

When you’re confident in your fundamentals, you get to create whatever you want in your playing. You want to get to the place where if you can imagine it, you can produce it.

This kind of knowledge and flexibility is priceless. You don’t have to do more exercises or practice more to do this. It’s a shift of focus. And this is exactly what we'll cover in FBC!


Hey! I'm Chelsea! I'll be your teacher all week at Flute Boot Camp!!

To be honest, I used to hate working on fundamentals... I just wanted to play solo repertoire and orchestral excerpts.

I didn’t know exactly how to incorporate the two or how to troubleshoot the root cause of the problems that were coming up in my playing.

We rely so much on our teachers to help us through and give us new perspectives, but we are able to do that ourselves more than we realize, and that’s exactly what I’ll be teaching in this week of classes!

After a ton of trial, error, hitting, and missing, I've developed 5 comprehensive eBooks about 5 fundamentals: Tone Quality, Phrasing & Musicality, Technique, Double Tonguing, and Vibrato.

Each participant and auditor will get these materials when they sign up!


“I am in awe of Dr. Tanner’s brilliance as an artist-mentor. Her deep character, intelligence, and humanity are demonstrated in all of her endeavors. These teaching gems [fundamental eBooks] are ingeniously crafted and will, surely, stand the test of time.”

- Marianne Gedigian, Professor of Flute, The University of Texas at Austin


As a participant you'll receive: 

  • One hour private flute lesson with Chelsea Tanner

  • One one-on-one 30-minute mindset coaching session 

  • 5 Fundamental Classes

  • Opportunity to play in 1-2  fundamental classes (depending on the class size/interest)

  • All 5 Fundamental eBooks

  • 3 Warm-up Classes

  • Practice Room Empowerment Class: Gain Confidence in the Practice Room

  • Listening Class: How to Use Recordings to Teach Yourself

  • 🌟 Bonus: Beatboxing and Beyond with Kari Boyer!

  • 🌟 Bonus: All 8 Orchestral Excerpt eBooks (for participants only!)


Application Deadline Extended to: June 18, 2022
The investment: $325

Payment plans are available upon request.

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Hear from Kate O'Leary, FBC Alum!

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"When I signed up, I was hoping I could learn how to have a more virtuosic, even technique on flute. I did not realize how much I would learn and improve in every aspect of my flute playing in addition to my technique! I now have a totally changed mindset when I practice, allowing myself to approach every challenge, with curiosity, as a learning experience.


In addition, I learned how to make any passage truly musical that I may be practicing. This makes me feel so much more driven to practice- and ready to learn something new every time I pick up my flute! I have also gained a greater sense of self-confidence in regard to my flute playing, and my mindset while practicing and playing has been changed for the better.


In addition, being able to look back to all of the packets and zoom talks now is a great way to remind me of all that I learned and reinforce the new concepts! I would definitely say there's never been a week I've ever learned so much about the flute as during Flute Boot Camp, and I'm so grateful for the experience!! I would highly recommend Flute Boot Camp to any flute player!!"


Be an Auditor at Flute Boot Camp!
Who is a good fit to audit FBC?

  • Flutists who want to learn more about fundamentals for their own playing (at all levels!) and some inspiration to work on them in different ways.

  • Flutists who want to observe fundamentals being taught so they can use a similar approach in their own teaching. 

  • All flutists can benefit from FBC! - Since we are focusing on fundamentals, these topics apply to ALL flutists.

  • Band directors/music educators looking to deepen their knowledge about flute fundamentals.

  • Folks that can't make the live calls the week of 6/20 but would like to have access to the classes and the 5 Fundamental eBooks. (replay videos will be available for all group classes for 1 year after FBC)

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Hear from FBC Auditor Allison Asthana!

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"I appreciated how Chelsea breaks down complex topics into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process. She takes things that often seem elusive and mysterious (like playing "musically") and shows exactly how to physically achieve a beautifully crafted line. This is just one example of many!"

As an Auditor you'll receive: 

  • All 5 Fundamental eBooks

  • 5 Fundamental Mastery Classes

  • Practice Room Empowerment Class: Gain Confidence in the Practice Room

  • Listening Class: How to Use Recordings to Teach Yourself

  • Replay Access to all 10 group classes

  • 🌟 Bonus: Beatboxing and Beyond with Kari Boyer

The investment: $97


SUNDAY (6/19)

  • 4pm - Meet and greet welcome meeting or all participants and auditors!

MONDAY (6/20): 

  • 11am - Warm Up Class

  • 2-4pm - Tone Quality Class


TUESDAY (6/21):

  • 11am - Practice Room Empowerment

  • 2-4pm - Phrasing & Musicality Class



  • 11am - Warm Up Class

  • 2-4pm - Technique Class


THURSDAY (6/23):

  • 11am - Listening Class

  • 1-1:45pm - Beatboxing and Beyond with Kari Boyer

  • 2-4pm - Double Tonguing


FRIDAY (6/24):

  • 11am - Warm Up Class

  • 2-4pm - Vibrato Class

  • 5:30-6:30pm - Closing Meeting (Participants Only)

If you are unable to make a class, you'll be able to watch it on the class webpage after it is uploaded.

All lessons will be scheduled the week before and based on participants' availability. 

Participants can choose to play in 1-2 fundamental classes (pieces/excerpts that are appropriate to each fundamental). 

Hear from FBC Alum Taylor Picha!

"I would 100% recommend flutists join in on the next Flute Boot Camp. If you're a flutist willing to put in the effort to challenge yourself to reach a higher level of playing, as well as learn about everything that goes into playing the flute, and on a deeper level, then sign up! Throughout my experience at boot camp, I was constantly questioning how I went about playing, and why certain aspects were or weren't working out. FBC opened my eyes to awareness. From day one, I was improving my awareness, and overall playing, thanks to the insight Chelsea had to offer. Chelsea was kind, explained every concept in detail, and always encouraged questions. I truly cannot say enough positive things about my experience during Flute Boot Camp."


  • All 5 Fundamental eBooks

  • 5 Fundamental Mastery Classes

  • Practice Room Empowerment Class: Gain Confidence in the Practice Room

  • Listening Class: How to Use Recordings to Teach Yourself

  • Replay Access to all 10 group classes

  • 🌟Bonus: Beatboxing and Beyond with Kari Boyer

The investment: $97

  • One hour private flute lesson with Chelsea Tanner

  • One one-on-one 30-minute mindset coaching session 

  • Opportunity to play in 1-2 masterclasses (depending on the class size/interest)

  • All 5 Fundamental eBooks

  • 5 Fundamental Mastery Classes

  • Practice Room Empowerment Class: Gain Confidence in the Practice Room

  • Listening Class: How to Use Recordings to Teach Yourself

  • 🌟 Bonus: Beatboxing and Beyone with Kari Boyer!

  • 🌟 Bonus: All 8 Orchestral Excerpt eBooks (for participants only!)


Application Deadline Extended
Through June 18, 2022
The investment: $325

Payment plans are available upon request.

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Get to know Dr. ChelseaTanner:

Chelsea Tanner maintains an active career as an enthusiastic performer, teacher, and mindset coach. She has most recently served on the faculty as Visiting Assistant Professor of Flute at SUNY Potsdam’s Crane School of Music. In the Spring of 2020, Chelsea graduated with her Doctor of Musical Arts from The University of Texas at Austin. Chelsea has served on the faculty at Penn State University as Interim Instructor of Flute as well. She has performed with orchestras across the country such as the San Antonio Symphony, the Columbus Symphony, the Boise Philharmonic, the Akron Symphony, and the Binghamton Philharmonic.


Chelsea held the position of Second Flute in the Central Texas Philharmonic from 2016 to 2019. Her career as a performer has led her to perform in festivals such as the Aspen Music Festival, the National Repertory Orchestra, and the Round Top Festival Institute.


As the creator of two online courses, Chelsea is dedicated to the growth and development of young musicians. Through her programs, Flute Boot Camp and the Winning Mindset Academy, she helps young people empower themselves through music and mindset work. As a certified Life Coach, Chelsea's mission is to help musicians find satisfaction in their lives through what is often a difficult career path.


Chelsea has been active in competitions across the country.  She has been a finalist in the Flute Society of Greater Philadelphia Young Artist Competition, the Mid-Atlantic Flute Society Young Artist Competition, the National Society of Arts and Letters National Woodwind Competition, and a quarterfinalist in the National Flute Association Young Artist Competition. She was the winner of the Central Ohio Flute Association Collegiate Competition, the Women in Music Scholarship Auditions, and the Ohio State University Concerto Competition.


Chelsea received her Artist Diploma from The University of Texas at Austin studying with Marianne Gedigian. She earned her Master of Music from Carnegie Mellon University studying with Jeanne Baxtresser, and her Bachelor of Music from The Ohio State University with Katherine Borst Jones.


Chelsea is an active member of the Emissary Quartet, a long-distance flute quartet committed to cultivating connection and opportunity through dynamic performances and residencies that empower musicians and foster community. (

Get to know Kari Boyer, teacher of Beatbox and Beyond

Kari Boyer is an advocate of contemporary music and private flute instructor based in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has performed with the Waco, Montclair, Richmond, and Williamsburg Symphony Orchestras, the Virginia Opera, the Richmond Choral Society, and Capitol Opera Richmond. She also served as principal flutist of the 392nd Army Band in Richmond, Virginia. Kari has performed solo and chamber recitals across Ohio, Virginia, and New York. As the Ara Duo, Kari Boyer and Ser Konvalin have commissioned and premiered works for flute and horn
by Owen Eddy and Rachel Lanik Whelan. Kari has performed at the National Orchestral Institute, the Brevard Music Festival as a member of the ITCH contemporary ensemble, Eastern Music Festival, and New Music on the Point. She holds degrees from the Manhattan School of
Music and Ohio State University. Primary teachers include Katherine Borst Jones, Michael Parloff, and Marianne Gedigian. Upcoming performances include recitals at Avaloch Farm and Flutistry Boston as a member of the Emissary Quartet in July 2022.

Kari Boyer headshot.jpg


Do I have to be in high school or college in order to participate in FBC?

No, this is not a requirement, if you feel you are around that ability level, sign up as a participant! 


What is a mindset coaching session?

This is a one-on-one session that will be set up between the participant and Chelsea Tanner. This session will be all about your goals, how you’re viewing your ability/capability, it will address any negative self-talk you may have, and will give you tools to move forward believing in yourself. 


How long do I have access to replays? 

You’ll have access to replays for 1 year after FBC is over.


I’m not exactly sure if this is for me or my ability level, how will I know?

Fundamentals are crucial at every level. If you feel comfortable participating and want to gain all the knowledge you can, go ahead and sign up! 


What are the orchestral excerpt eBooks? 

Each packet is 15+ pages diving deep into standard orchestral excerpts including alternate fingerings, phrasing and breath suggestions, how to approach practicing each excerpt and more! They cover the following excerpts: 

  • Beethoven - Leonore Overture No. 3 mm. 328-360

  • Brahms - Symphony No. 4 Mvt. 4 mm. 89-105

  • Debussy - Afternoon of a Faun - mm. 1-4, and Reh, 2-3

  • Mendelssohn - Scherzo excerpt from A Midsummer Night’s Dream 

  • Prokofiev - Peter and the Wolf - Reh. 2-4

  • Ravel - Daphnis et Chloe Suite No. 2 - Reh. 176-180

  • Saint-Saëns - Voliere from Carnival of the Animals 

  • Stravinsky - Firebird Suite (1919 version) - Variation - Rehearsal 9 - end


How will lessons be taught? 

Lessons will be taught on Zoom at a mutually agreed upon time for the participant and for Dr. Tanner. Each lesson will be 1 hour. Feel free to send in recordings before the lesson to ensure optimal sound quality, thought this is not required. 


What should I play in the lesson? 

Whatever you are working on, or whatever you want your fundamental focus to be for the week. If you want to focus on double tonguing, perhaps something like Mendelssohn Scherzo or a piece that has relevance to your focus.


Are payment plans available?

Yes! If you’d like to make a payment plan, contact Chelsea Tanner at and we can work something out! 

Got more questions? Submit them here!

Thanks for submitting!

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