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The reviews are in!

When I signed up, I was hoping I could learn how to have a more virtuosic, even technique on flute. I did not realize how much I would learn and improve in every aspect of my flute playing in addition to my technique! I now have a totally changed mindset when I practice, allowing myself to approach every challenge, with curiosity, as a learning experience. In addition, I learned how to make any passage truly musical that I may be practicing. This makes me feel so much more driven to practice- and ready to learn something new every time I pick up my flute! I have also gained a greater sense of self-confidence in regards to my flute playing, and my mindset while practicing and playing has been changed for the better. In addition, being able to look back to all of the packets and zoom talks now is a great way to remind me of all that I learned and reinforce the new concepts! I would definitely say there's never been a two weeks I've ever learned so much about the flute as during Flute Boot Camp, and I'm so grateful for the experience!! I would highly recommend Flute Boot Camp to any flute player!!

— Kate O'Leary, FBC Alum

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